Crowded head recovered from passenger luggage at Dubai Airport

Dubai (UrduPoint Newspaper – October 23, 2019) Often, goods are recovered at airports when customs personnel are unable to believe and many times even the authorities do not control their laughter at the export of a unique item. However, at the Dubai airport, something was discovered last night that left the passengers there intimidated, but the customs officials did not take any action against the passenger.
The incident is such that the customs official realized the foul odor while checking the baggage of a passenger coming from the Khartoum capital of the African country of Sudan. At first it looked like a fish smell. But to ease his doubts, he asked travelers to check both bags.
However, the passenger put one of the bags forward and tried to save the other bag from checking.


After that, the customs official’s suspicion was further confirmed that the African youth must have a prohibited item. He also took the second bag from the young man and checked the belongings in it. Seeing the cut-off head of an animal, there were panic among the passengers. Especially one or two children started crying. Customs officials told other passengers that although it is not legally a crime to bring sheep to the airport, they are not allowed according to airport rules.
So instead of handing it over to the passenger, the fertilizer will be seized. The African traveler said that he was eager to eat Siri, which is why he had the family prepare Siri in his luggage so that after arriving in Dubai he would enjoy and eat it. This image of ‘s has become very viral and many interesting comments are being made in this regard on social media.

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