Footage of a Houthi attack on the Saudi Arabian border has surfaced

Riyadh (Urdu point newspaper, October 1, 2019) Yemeni Houthi rebels yesterday claimed that the Houthi militia had attacked the Saudi border and inflicted heavy damage on Saudi forces. In this regard, footage was also presented as proof of the evidence. However, Arab Union spokesman Colonel Turkey al-Maliki has called the footage of a major attack on Saudi forces in the area near the Yemeni border a fake and fabricated.
Colonel Turkey said that the Houthi militia had attempted to attack the Yemeni army, but the coalition forces had thwarted the attack. Speaking at a news conference hosted by Colonel Turkey, the question was asked, “What is the truth about the video that damages Saudi forces by the Houthis?” On that, he said that it was very unfortunate that some media sources were broadcasting their claims of control over certain areas without verification.
The Houthis are spreading fabricated news so that they can pave the way for public opinion in Yemen, the Gulf region and the world. But they have not yet achieved their goal. Earlier, there have been several claims made by the Houthis. In the past, the Houthis also claimed to have seized the Saudi Arabian city’s Abhay International Airport, but the lie quickly surfaced.
It should be noted that a video footage was released on Sunday by the pools. It was claimed that the Houthi militia launched a major attack on Saudi forces in the border area between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The video was broadcast by al-Jazeera and some other channels as a successful Houthi war.

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