Pakistanis slap inflation at face value

Karachi . (Urdu Point Newsletter – October 24, 2019) Mobile phones understand that every human has become oxygen without which no one can breathe. Whether there is money to eat, clothes are good or not, health is not a problem. No matter what, the mobile will be exported from everyone’s pocket. Everyone from the worker to the employee and the clerk to the officer must have a mobile phone.

Today, when inflation is rampant everywhere, people still do not want to lose the luxury of mobile phones. That is why billions of rupees mobile phones have been ordered in just three months. According to a report released by the Institute of Statistics, Pakistanis imported 42 billion forty million mobile phones from July to September.
Despite the financial challenges, the growth in mobile phone imports was recorded in Pakistan and Pakistanis imported 42 billion 40 million mobile phones from July to September.

According to institutional statistics, imports of mobile phones increased by 71 per cent, compared to Rs 24 billion 72 crore in the first three months of last financial year. During the three months, the value of mobile phone dollars increased by 35% due to the depreciation of the rupee, yet $ 26.90 million was spent on imports of mobile phones, while expenditure of $ 19.9 million was reported in the same period last fiscal.
Experts say that due to a 30% reduction in the value of rupees in one year, extra money was paid on imports of the mobile phone, the government only benefited from the condition of import of registered mobile phones, preventing unregistered and smuggled mobile phones. The measures will further increase the collection of tax and duty. The government has banned bringing illegal mobile phones and they have to be registered to operate the phone coming from overseas. But is later fined

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