Saudi women lose 43,000 riyals as a result of bank fraud

Jeddah (Urdu point newspaper) – September 28, 2019 – A Saudi woman living in Jazan Province, Saudi Arabia, arrives in a racket of counterfeiters and has lost thousands of rials. According to the Arab Web News tutorial, unknown fraudsters phoned the woman, identified herself as a bank representative and demanded personal details about the account, and then extracted a large sum of 43,000 rials in her account. Lee.
According to the victim, who was also unidentified in the unidentified telephone calls, the company was told that the company has launched a special promotion scheme. The caller received all the details of the bank account, which shortly afterwards discovered that 43,000 rials had been extracted from his account.
The woman has lodged a report in a nearby police station after which the police has launched an investigation.

The woman was told that the fraudster phoned her and said that she was talking to the bank, which has her account. The woman’s bank account is being updated, so her account details are required. If the woman’s account is not updated, her account will be temporarily closed. After that, the woman confided in the unknown person and provided her personal information.
Shortly afterwards, the woman received a text message from the bank saying that her account amounted to 43,000 rials. Then the woman realized that she had been cheated. According to the police, the number from which she received the call is from another country outside Saudi Arabia. Be sure that she is banking on several occasions by the Saudi Banking Council. Consumers are advised not to provide their bank account details to a stranger or suspicious person in any case.

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